Tips of Avoiding Plagiarism and Effective Paraphrasing like a Real Pro

Write your essay from ideas coming from your mind and that is original. But there are times when you just copy the thoughts of another writer and that is wrong, an illegal act called plagiarism. What is plagiarism? It is the act of taking other people’s words and/or ideas and presenting them as your own. Plagiarism in university consequences are severe and there are cases where students are expelled from the school. In school work, it is the deliberate act of deceiving your professors by submitting a paper that is not your own work. Paraphrasing is one of the best strategies on how to avoid plagiarism UK, and you can see it on a website for paraphrasing.

Facts Every Student Should Know about Plagiarism

In recent times, the internet has gain popularity as chief sources of student’s assignment, they either copy paste materials or pay professional writers to do their papers.  Plagiarism is becoming an epidemic, in fact for the last 3 years, 50,000 students were caught committing plagiarism. This figure does not include those students who have not been caught thus illustrating the gravity of the problem. Plagiarism scandals:

  • Melania Trump. The wife of the US President Donald Trump, Melania Trump was alleged of plagiarizing in part speech given by President Obama’s wife, Michele Obama, in 2008
  • Ben Carson. Carson, a 2016 Presidential Campaigner, was alleged of plagiarism in his book, “America the Beautiful” (2006) by using multiple sources without any citation.
  • Joe Biden. In 1987, Delaware Senator Joe Biden was alleged of copying a part of the speech from UK labor leader, Neil Kinnock.
  • Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. President Nieto’s alma mater alleged that the chief executive of plagiarizing parts of his law school thesis and an investigative news site confirmed the report.
  • High school students’ plagiarism. Chinese high school students were alleged of plagiarizing an article written in a medical journal as their own.
  • Students plagiarizing research papers. In nine Chinese provinces and municipalities, several students were caught trying to game the system by plagiarizing research papers.
  • College student dropped off sea program. A student from Ohio University was dropped from her Semester at Sea program and anchored in Greece after plagiarism accusation.

Plagiarism Is a Consequence in the Academic Cheating

Academic cheating has been going on for centuries from all school levels. This behavior and/or action is committed by a student that interferes with the education, honest pursuit of knowledge or fair evaluation of a student’s performance or work. Any academic misconduct is prohibited at all universities and educational institutions. Look at some examples of academic plagiarism online and you will see how common it is.

Any intentional or academic misconduct includes cheating, creating & falsifying information, plagiarism, research misconduct and unauthorized collaboration. Students attempting to do any of the above academic misbehaviors and/or actions are violating the Student Code of Conduct. Avoid this illegal act by purchasing plagiarism free essay writer that are available for all students so they submit authentic papers.

Consequence of Plagiarism

Plagiarism is bad because of these consequences:

  • Gets failing grade on an assignment or in a course
  • Expulsion from an academic institution, in some cases permanent expulsion
  • Expulsion from the program of study or the college
  • Fraud is permanently documented on a student’s academic record
  • Plagiarism can result in your work being destroyed
  • Plagiarism can result in legal action, fines and penalties etc.

how to avoid plagiarism uk effectively

Plagiarism prevention: Steps of effective practical techniques in UK paraphrasing.

Step 1

Separate the information and choose the relevant paragraph(s) you want to separating the sentences.

Step 2

Highlight content words by choosing words that carry the meaning of the sentence. Use a synonym to expand your vocabulary and to link those words with correct associations. A synonym is another word that is more or less interchangeable with the word at hand. Rewrite the sentences with the same meaning and don’t forget about the punctuation check.

Step 3

Create new content words using new words. You need to have good rewriting techniques. Examples of rewording:

She places lovely colorful flowers in a tall vase.

She places pretty multi-colored blooms in a tall vase.

The words, “lovely” and “pretty”, “colorful” and “multi-colored”, “flowers” and “blooms” are a synonym, they have the same meanings

Step 4

Complete the new sentence. Simply set the two new words together as they sound and use different function words to complete a full sentence. Academic writing paraphrasing exercises will be an effective strategy to avoid plagiarism.

Step 5

Review. Write down the complete sentence and read it. Do you get the meaning? If not, find out what’s wrong? This helps you acquire coherency skills. Then, read the original text and ask yourself if there is anything missing in your paraphrased sentence. Do you notice anything different and is it losing its original meaning? Punctuation facts are always part of right paraphrasing.

Step 6

Record yourself. Once you have perfected the sentence, record yourself and playback. Being your own teacher, you may not notice any difference. Play it back while listening for any pronunciation errors. As you learn these rewriting techniques, you have no reason to commit plagiarism.

While rewording UK writing pay attention to UK spelling. Probably the most obvious difference between the UK English and American words is the spelling. Notice that numerous words are spelled differently in the US compared to the UK. Example:


  • airplane
  • breathalyze
  • center
  • defense
  • fueling


  • aeroplane
  • breathalyse
  • centre
  • defence
  • fuelling

Although the two words are spelled differently, there is no problem over the comprehension of your content. Most readers meeting different variant spellings are unlikely to misunderstand and might regard it as an error in spelling.

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Advantages of Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing can also be a valuable tool to the honest academic writer. Rewording plagiarism or paraphrasing helps the writer put information in his or her own words. When a writer paraphrases information from a source, the writer must also understand what the original passage really means. Rewrite the sentences with the same meaning for the writer will be more informed and truly comprehend the topic that he or she is writing about.

Plagiarism comes in many forms intentional or unintentional, cited, or not, plagiarism is always fraudulent. Use citations to add authority and expertise to a paper and are important ways when to give credit to original authors. Paraphrasing can benefit writers by allowing them to use their own words and understand the original text better.

There are tools in the web you can use in avoiding plagiarism and be effective in paraphrasing so you will never commit academic mistakes. Go to the website for paraphrasing and use the spelling and punctuation checker. Punctuation marks should not be taken for granted so use a punctuation check.

Now you know more about how to avoid plagiarism UK and for more useful information check our website!