Where Can I Check My Sentence for Correct Punctuation?

Do I Need to Correct My Sentence Punctuation?

Good writing requires far more than simply getting the right words down on paper. Without good punctuation that follows our rules, it would be almost impossible to understand. Poor punctuation can completely change the meaning of what you intended to write so you must always check my sentence for correct punctuation. Our free online punctuation check allows you to do that in minutes to a high standard.

No one writes perfectly, we will always make mistakes in our work no matter how hard we try to avoid them. But if we allow those mistakes to remain in our writing they will have a big impact on it. Often just minor mistakes in the placement of a comma or even a missing punctuation mark can significantly change how the work reads. This can lead to misunderstandings, confusion and of course not getting the results that you were aiming for.

Using a correct sentence punctuation checker ensures that you eliminate any mistakes within your writing helping you to get the results that you need.

What Should You Be Checking for When You Proofread Your Text?

There are many hundreds of rules that govern how we write. These grammatical and punctuation rules help those reading to understand what we are saying to them. If we fail to follow the rules then their understanding can be flawed. So it is very important that we check our work with care whether it is an academic paper or a business proposal.

The following are just a few of the things that our free grammar and sentence punctuation check will help you to correct within your writing:

  1. Run on sentences: these are often lengthy sentences that include two independent clauses. These clauses need to be separated using appropriate punctuation; usually by splitting into separate sentences.
  2. Fragments: a sentence should have both a subject and a verb as a minimum. If these are missing then the sentence will be considered a fragment and will require the missing parts to be added.
  3. Passive voice: you are expected to use the active voice within your writing. The subject should always come before the verb or it will not be clear who or what the subject of the sentence is.
  4. Using apostrophes with plurals: “’s” indicates possession and is not used to create a plural.
  5. Excessive or missing commas: these are used to show where there is a pause in the speech. Missing or excessive commas can make the sentence sound unnatural.
  6. Misuse of its or it’s: if you mean to say “it is” or “it has” then you use “it’s”.
  7. Oxford comma: if you are doing academic writing then you should always use a comma before the last item in a list.
  8. Semicolon and colon confusion: a colon should be used when something is following, while a semicolon should be used where you are moving to a different thought that is related.
  9. Excessive use of exclamation marks: using them at the end of every sentence will minimize their impact. Save it for where it is most important!
  10. Punctuation outside of the speech marks: unless you are writing in British English the punctuation at the end of the sentence should be inside the speech marks.

check my sentence for correct punctuation online

Should I Check My Sentence Punctuation Manually or Using a Tool?

The big reason for using a free writing checker is that it is quick. Conducting a sentence punctuation check manually can take a long time; especially for a lengthy and complex paper. Yet you should never simply skip the checking just because you lack the time required. Our proofreading free tool can work through your writing in seconds providing you with the correction that you need.

The other issue is accuracy. Most people find it difficult to find issues in their own writing and may become distracted or bored when checking longer pieces of writing. Software, however, will accurately find the issues that it has been programmed to find no matter what. So using a tool to check my punctuation free is almost always going to be the preferred way to move forward.

How to Use Our Complex and Compound Sentence Punctuation Checker

Our tool will not simply correct my punctuation for free. This is a highly flexible and powerful piece of software that is able to check all forms of writing for errors and improvements in your:

  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary

It will also highlight any issues with plagiarism whilst helping to improve the quality of your writing. To use our tool is very simple:

  • Copy the writing that needs checking and simply paste it into the space provided for the review.
  • The software will check the writing for hundreds of different potential mistakes in just a few seconds.
  • Review the results provided and select the changes that you wish to implement to correct the problems.
  • Paste the completed text back within the document that it was taken from.

Use our powerful and highly efficient tool to check my sentence for correct punctuation and other problems so that you get top results.