Reasons to Use a Punctuation and Spelling Checker

Why Grammar Is Important

Grammar is communication. The rules of grammar and punctuation are set up so that we can all communicate clearly with each other. If we transgress them too severely, it’ll be more difficult for the target to understand your meaning. For this reason, it’s important to get good at grammar. But it’s not always easy. If you ask yourself how to check my punctuation,  grammar checker can help – and we’ll show you why.

The Facts on Spelling and Punctuation

Kyle Wiens of iFixit says he won’t hire anyone who hires anyone who makes grammar errors. He’s not alone; 57.9% of recruiters said that spelling and grammar were vital for employees, 72.2% said they had discarded CVs for spelling errors, and 71.3% said that they would hesitate to hire even the most qualified candidate if their cover letter contained spelling or grammar mistakes. Yet a full 39% of students in one survey made spelling errors in their paper, including their/they’re and other such similar mistakes. A further 10% forgot to add commas before coordinating conjunctions, and 5% used sentence fragments, while 3% completely omitted verbs. Those are pretty high statistics for errors, considering that students at the level of high school and college should be able to write well. It’s clear that punctuation is important, but it’s also clear that many people don’t have the command of it that they should. In this situation, you always can find and install some punctuation app checker and use it anytime.

punctuation and spelling checker imortance in facts

Why You Need Spelling and Punctuation Checker

So what do you need grammar and spelling checkers?

Here’s our list of reasons why you should be using these valuable tools:

  • They make writing easier: writing is a struggle for all of us. But with a spelling and grammar checker, you no longer have to feel lost and confused. It’s easy to get better writing and not have to constantly reread your own work.
  • They’re more detailed than a person: a good spelling and grammar checker won’t miss things the way people do. The eye can easily skim over mistakes; a computer won’t. You’ll be glad for the detail-oriented perspective that a program gives you.
  • They know things you don’t: computers can be smarter than humans because they have a memory that can be dedicated to a single thing. You may not know that obscure yet important grammar rule, but the checker will! Use its knowledge to enhance your own.
  • They help you learn from your own mistakes: want to become a better writer? It’s easier to do when you see how your mistakes can be fixed and how to avoid them in the future. With a spelling and punctuation checker, you’ll gain hands-on experience in punctuation that will help you excel.
  • They give you a firmer foundation and more confidence: it’s understandable to struggle with writing and even to feel like you’re a bad writer. But the chances are, you’re not. When you slowly improve with the help of a grammar or punctuation checker, you’ll get more confidence and realize that the power to write was in you all along!

Type a Sentence and Check Punctuation

Punctuation checkers can make your life so much easier. All you have to do is type or paste and they catch your mistakes. You deserve to be able to relax and work on the content. Use a punctuation checker and make it easier for yourself. You’ll thank yourself later!

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