Proper Quotation Marks Punctuation

quotation marks punctuationWhen writing stories, scripts, reports or any type of writing documents, you may sometimes need to check punctuation of quotation marks using. If you’re unfamiliar with them, check out the following tips with samples in order to learn how to use them properly in your work next time.

5 Main Rules for Quote Marks Punctuation Checking
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Uses of the Quote Marks Punctuation

quote marks punctuationYou can quote a phrase so that you can show your reader what the exact phrase is taken from a source without editing or as is. For instance- The town council explained that the aftermath of the tornado “cost millions of dollars but will soon be resolved with funding from generous residents.”

quote marks punctuationYou can also use the quotation marks when you have to quote at the end of the sentence directly. When there is a direct quote following a statement, and then it ends a complete sentence, you will have to precede it with a comma, and then, it should be followed by a period, a question mark or an exclamation mark. She said, “I love writing because it keeps my brain active.”

quote marks punctuationYou can also use the quote marks punctuation in the beginning of a sentence. For example, “She loves writing,” her mother explained to her classmates.

quote marks punctuationWhen the part of a quote is in a complete sentence functioning as an ordinary phrase, it is not necessary to separate with extra punctuation. For instance- The driver states “traffic ruins his day.”

quote marks punctuationWhen full quotes are present in the entire sentence, it should be introduced or followed with a comma. For instance- When interviewed about the bakeshop’s opening, the owner stated, “We have successfully sold more than a hundred cheesecakes.”

quote marks punctuationIn some cases, the narrative’s dialog is determined and is set apart by using quote marks punctuation. This is one of the most important things to check punctuation to avoid committing mistakes when writing a story, a research or any other writing documents.

quote marks punctuationWhen you have to quote a short work or source inside double quotation marks, you will have to use the single quotation mark. For example, Professor Albany told his colleagues, I will be filing a leave next month for a Prague vacation.”

There you have some of the basic tips when writing and using quote marks. When feeling confused, feel free to reread and review this quotation marks checker as well as other punctuation rules including colon and semicolon punctuation, published on our website.

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