Proper Punctuation of Titles

Punctuation rules for titlesDo you want to know how to do punctuation of titles? Well, you can keep on reading and learn how to do it correctly. Check out the following tips and do it well.

Punctuation of Titles: Rules to Follow

how to punctuate a titleYou should use a comma when appropriate, especially in terms of complex titles. For instance, you may use it when there are at least two generic nouns in the title. In this case, the reader can determine the distinction between the nouns.

how to punctuate a titleOne of the punctuation rules for titles is to check for the exclamation points and question marks when needed. The same goes true if you were referring to plays, books and other works of arts. You can consider this rule if you were using a title of a book or work that is modern. Of course, you should also apply this rule if the title seems or sounds as a question. There are projects or research papers that are interrogative, so you should watch out for that. If a project sounds like an exclamation, then do not hesitate in adding an exclamation point at the end of the title.

how to punctuate a titleTo learn ways on how to check punctuation of a title and make it correct, you should also look into eccentric or avant-garde titles that express the unique nature of stories or plays.

how to punctuate a titleAnother tip would be to use periods for acronyms in titles.Indeed, it may look much better and please your reader’s eye.

how to punctuate a titleThere are titles that require quotation marks, underlining and bolding, and this is something you have to watch out if you were an author.  There are available punctuation rules in the title to use the correct way. For instance, epic works or those long narratives often use underlining or italicizing, while a song or a short story requires quotation marks more often than not.

Follow Punctuation Rules for Titles

Definitely, the correct way of punctuating titles would lead your readers to understanding your creation, such as a book, novel, a short story or a play, among other types of fiction and non-fiction works, better.  In order they capture your message at a glance, make use of proper punctuations in the titles aside from making a catchy headline.

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