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parentheses punctuationThe use of the parentheses in the sentence is one of the most commonly confused ones of all writing rules, so you may want to know what this is and how to use it in your sentences. One thing to note is that a parenthesis is allowing you to include important details while you are trying to de-emphasize or downplay it. When writing, you should learn how to use as dialogue punctuation as parenthesis construction correctly so that you can avoid confusing your readers.

5 simple rules for proper parentheses punctuation

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How to Use Punctuation with Parentheses

when to use parentheses or bracketsOne of the most common uses of this stylistic device is when you’re going to supplement information or data, especially when this data is important to the main text, but it does not fit anywhere in the paragraph or sentence’s main portion. In this case, what you could do is to enclose this information in the punctuation with parentheses. By using such, you will be able to de-emphasize it to avoid detracting the readers from your main point.

when to use parentheses or bracketsInterchangeably, sometimes the brackets and the parentheses are confused and used wrongly, too.  To give you an idea, brackets are less common and are only used in special cases, and usually, they are used only within a quoted material, especially when you are trying to comment or explain on the quotation you used.  Brackets are also used when you want to enclose values denoting limits found at a confidence interval. Nevertheless, these are some ways on how to use a bracket to give you an idea on when to use parentheses or brackets.

when to use parentheses or bracketsNote the figures found in your parentheses. For example, “I gave him four hundred dollars ($400) to pay for my gym monthly fee. You should also enclose letters or numbers for a list placing them inside parentheses so that you can highlight every point.

when to use parentheses or bracketsAnother tip on how to write parentheses correctly is when writing specific acronyms of a product or an organization.

when to use parentheses or bracketsYou can also use this inserted structure when you have to indicate or denote birth date or death date of someone you are talking about in the body of your story or text.

Definitely, the parentheses punctuation is something very useful for every writer to know. In the process, you will be able to make good flow in your sentences as well as to highlight or to downplay a specific portion of your sentence. Learn more ways on using the parentheses and about the punctuation checkers today!

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