Why Your Teacher Was Right about Correct Punctuation

You Need to Punctuate Correctly

It’s a proverbial joke that punctuation is the difference between “let’s eat Grandma” and “let’s eat, Grandma!” If you wish to avoid implied cannibalism, you had better get your punctuation right. But it’s a complex art, and some people feel they’d be better off just trying to do their best and not worrying too much about the end result. We think that this is a pretty big mistake.

There are lots of consequences for having poor punctuation. With this article, we hope to show you exactly why your teacher worked so hard to instill correct punctuation in you. Of course, you can always can use some English punctuation checker, but if you don’t check your punctuation, nothing good will happen.

Why Correct Punctuation Is Important

Here are some things that can happen to you if you don’t use punctuation. Observe and see how much good punctuation helps you!

  • Misunderstandings: We demonstrated above what can happen with a lack of punctuation! But here’s a legal example. In Rogers Communication vs Bel Aliant, a contract read:

This agreement shall be effective from the date it is made and shall continue in force for a period of five (5) years from the date it is made, and thereafter for successive five (5) year terms, unless and until terminated by one year prior notice in writing by either party.”

One company said the second comma suggested the contract could be ended after a year; another said it had to be five years. The winning company – the first – saved two million dollars. That’s two million the opposing side lost from poor comma placement!

  • Poor grades: Your grades are a very important part of your future. But almost all teachers take away grade points for bad grammar! It’s thus very important that to achieve mastery in the subject, you have a grammar that shows you’re competent. Your teacher won’t trust that you truly know the subject otherwise.
  • Bad impressions: You need to make a good first impression no matter where you are, and bad grammar simply doesn’t allow you to do that. Fairly or unfairly, people tend to think that good grammar indicates a smarter person. You need to have correct grammar; that will allow you to make the impression that you deserve to.
  • Jobs won’t hire you: Related to the bad impressions, if your cover letter, application, or resume has poor grammar, most people will simply put it into the trash. You deserve good opportunities. But with poor grammar, you can’t get them. Work on improving your knowledge of punctuation and you will be much more successful at job hunting.

correct punctuation using comma

How to Check Grammar and Punctuation

So, if a grammar is so important and yet so complex, how can you be sure that you’re getting it right? A grammar or spelling check or punctuation websites can help. Most of them are easy to use; all you have to do is input the text and you’ll get an instant check. Some can even help you translate or check for plagiarism; some are simpler and provide only the necessary functions with an elegant simplicity. Whatever kind you choose, make sure that you get an accurate one. As a student or professional, you need the best punctuation help that will net you the best opportunities. You need to make a good first impression and communicate clearly. Get help from a spelling or grammar checker and achieve these goals easily and quickly. You’ll never regret it.

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