The Dash Punctuation Checker

dash punctuationFor some people, one of the hardest punctuations to check and to use is the dash because its use may be confused with a hyphen. To tell you, they aren’t the same, and they work quite differently. To learn more how to use it without confusing yourself, read the following and learn more by these tips on dash punctuation.

what you should know about dash punctuation

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What Are the Uses of a Dash?

One thing to know is that the dash is longer than a hyphen. In addition, you have to know there is the en dash (–) and the em dash (—). They are called as they resemble the small letter of ‘n’ and capital letter of ‘M.’ The dash is commonly used in listing a phone number because it is not usually available in most word processors, but the en dash is commonly used when denoting a number range. This en dash is longer than a hyphen. In MS Word, you can make use of a hyphen when you cannot find the dash.  In MS Word, this action will change the hyphen automatically into an ‘en’ dash.

Uses of a Dash

dash punctuation rulesTo make use of it, you should determine the independent clause, the part of a sentence to stand on its own because it has both a verb and a subject. Once you have identified the independent clause, you’re ready to use the dash. It usually connects two independent clauses using a separate or an interrupting thought with a conjunction including—but, as, for, yet, and then after the second dash.

dash punctuation rulesFor further explanation about the dash punctuation rules, take note that the dash is functioning or working like a comma or parenthesis in a sentence, but its use is sometimes only limited when there is a need for a stronger punctuation.

dash punctuation rulesYou should learn using a dash correctly, wherein they can be used to offset a list located in the middle of an independent clause in which a comma is already in used.  For example,” All my papers—science, math, geometry and English—got lost when I misplaced them in the train.

dash punctuation rulesOne of the uses of a dash is when you want to emphasize a sentence. For example,” Well, I will sign up the form—once I am convinced of this membership’s worth.

There you have the basics of what to know about the uses of a dash. The next time you will meet them in a sentence, you will know how it functions in that particular thought. In addition, you will know when and how to use it. Find also a useful information about grammar check for commas on our website.

Your most important dash punctuation rules are all here!

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