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Now you have a rare chance to go through ten questions to test your semicolon usage. It is not as easy, as it seems at a first glance. Before you start, remember, that semicolon is a punctuation mark used to indicate the indicating a pause, usually between two main clauses. If the clauses have no logical relation and no conjunction can be put between them – then you should put a period there. Do not confuse a semicolon and a usual comma. The latter one is used to demonstrate a small pause and cannot be replaced with another means of communication. Be attentive while completing the quiz below. You will be given a sentence with the missed punctuation mark (it might be a semicolon, might be something else). Your task is to choose the correct punctuation mark.

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semicolon punctuationThe semicolon punctuation is often a confused when check punctuation in many writings, especially in cases when you cannot figure out when it is the right or wrong time to use it in your works. Check out the following tips on how to make use of the semicolon in your writing or start checking the semicolon usage right now!

all you need to know about using proper semicolon punctuation

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When to Use the Semicolon Punctuation

semi colon punctuationThis is used in clarifying a list. In most cases, they are treated as super commas. For example, you can make use of it in denoting places, such as “New York, California, Dallas, Texas; Boise.” As you notice in this list, the semicolon is used in order to avoid the reader from becoming confused with your list.

semi colon punctuationSemicolon punctuation is also used when you are using related thoughts that you want to separate. For instance, “He drove the car; she called their children.” This example shows two sentences separated by a semicolon. Although you can also say, “He drove the car. She called their children,” you can make use of the semicolon to show the close relationship between the two texts. Take note that the semicolon is not to replace a comma, which requires ‘and, but, so, or’ when trying to note two sentences joined by any of these.

semi colon punctuationSemicolon punctuation also does not use conjunctions in most cases, unlike what a comma does. For instance, in where a comma would be used in two sentences to join, you can say, “She called their children, but they aren’t around.” In this case, there are two noticeable independent clauses with complete thought composed of a subject and a verb but are joined by a specific conjunction.

semi colon punctuationTake note that using a semicolon also denotes revealing a complete thought that contains a subject and a verb, which is a crucial thing while writing. Also, a semicolon can be used in the description of your capstone project ideas for IT, aviation, accounting, and any other project.

semi colon punctuationAs part of this semicolon checker, you should also know that you could use this punctuation when writing a sentence containing a complicated list.

semi colon punctuationYou can also make use of it when writing a sentence containing an internal punctuation.  In the following example, it can use a comma, a dash or a colon. Because sentences with internal punctuation are usually longer, then the use of a semicolon in separating sentences with an internal comma is the most common technique.

Make Use of This Semicolon Checker Today

There you have the tips to know when using a semicolon in a sentence. Review them and come up with an error-free semicolon use in your sentences. Read also about colon punctuation rules on our website.

Have some difficulties with semicolon punctuation, then use our checker!