Online Commas Checker

Commas checkerA comma is commonly one of the most misused punctuation.  You may use it properly by exploiting professional online commas checker. To get by and learn the proper way of using it, here’s a guide to make use of the next time you would need to spot for errors or simply want to improve your skills in using the important punctuation check guide.

How to Check Commas

grammar check for commasA comma is one of the most important punctuations to check. Don’t forget using it when trying to separate items in a list or a series. This is very important to avoid misleading your readers of combining nouns, adjectives or adverbs when in fact they have to be separated for clarity. For instance, “I will have to buy apples, cookies and packed juice for my kid in school before going to the office.” However, remember not to put a comma before the ‘and,’ but in cases when you have to make the sentence clearer, you may use the comma before the ‘and.’ Until now, this rule on the Oxford or Harvard comma is still controversial and debated on.

grammar check for commasTo check commas, never use it before or after your series.

grammar check for commasWhen the items are linked by ‘or, nor or and,’ do not use a comma.

grammar check for commasUse it when denoting the use of at least two adjectives, which modify a noun independently.  For instance, “She is a flamboyant, charming lady in Paris.”

grammar check for commasYou may use it before writing a conjunction linking independent clauses. For example, “I checked for available books online, but I found none that I was looking for.”

grammar check for commasTo grammar check for commas, you should use it for introductory words that begin a sentence. For instance, “Well, I think I told you not to go there beyond visiting hours.”

grammar check for commasYou can use it when writing non-essential clauses or phrases, parts of a sentence you may remove without altering the meaning or thought of the sentence.  For instance, “Jacob, our friend, lost against one of our friends.”

grammar check for commasMake use of a comma after a participial or introductory phrase. For instance, “Holding this hot mug in my hands, I feel that I might drop it.”

grammar check for commasUse it in closing a letter.

There you have some of the most helpful tips for writing and using a comma that you can add to your punctuation checklist.

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