Correct Colon Punctuation Rules

colon checkerDo you want to know View Post colon punctuation rules? If so, stay tuned and read on in order to find out how to use this punctuation in writing. To tell you, sometimes the use of the colon and semicolon are confused and interchanged with each other. However, you can avoid it if you would learn how to use and check punctuation in your writing, and that you will learn below.


3 grammatical uses of colon punctuation rules

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Colon Punctuation Rules

colon punctuation usageOne thing to note is that a colon is used when highlighting a list, especially when separating objects or items.  For example, “I love movies: Titanic, Star Wars, and Blood Diamond.”

colon punctuation usageYou can make use of colons or semicolons or both of them in your same list, but you should take note that they have their own purposes.  However, make sure that you are careful when making use of both, as they appear complicated.

colon punctuation usageYou can also use it when writing an explicit list, which is one of the most common rules that you may have already known.

colon punctuation usageAnother common use of the colon is at times you are offsetting introductory clauses, which is widely used in the text.   

colon punctuation usageFor colon punctuation usage, you should also remember that it is used when offsetting an explanation, an elaboration or a phrase. It goes as if you are going to write a long sentence, where every half is one sentence; however, the first half should set up the second.

colon punctuation usageYou can also think of the type of pause that a basic punctuation does. For instance, a comma is the weakest pause while the period is considered the strongest. On the other hand, the semicolon is stronger than a comma but is weaker than what a colon can do is. It will help you in deciding in cases where there are unclear distinctions.

Based on this colon checker rules, you can discover how to use colons in your sentences when writing an essay, a story or a report. The important part is you have to know in what situations is colon usage apply so that you can avoid the confusion on whether to use a colon or a semicolon.  Nevertheless, you can go back to this list of tips on proper use of this type of punctuation whenever you find it hard to decide when it is right to use it in your writing. You can also read about the comma, dialogue or parentheses punctuation on our website.

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